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What! Not a Member? Sure you are!

If you love the Bubble Headed Booby from Lost in Space and dream of one day having your own B9 standing in your living room then you're already one of us. How about that! You're a member and didn't even know it! All you have to do now to get to know the rest of us is to join the "B9Builders" Yahoo group and email list.

We'd love to have you join the list. You can get lots of help and ideas there from fellow builders.
To join the Yahoo email list just visit our "Join Now" Page Here: Join Now!

Either way, the Robot reference information in this section provides a wide variety of information to aid in the construction of your robot.

Enjoy, You're in for the experience of your life!


Robot Reference Info

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B9Creations (Original Site)

Members Reference Information:

Getting Started

Club Standard Online Blueprints
Additional Blueprints & Dimensional Info - Other Sources

Publicity Photos - Full Shots
Publicity Photos - Component Details

Screen Grabs - Season One
Screen Grabs - Season Two
Screen Grabs - Season Three

Paint Guide

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