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The Club Robot Blueprints


NOTE: These drawings attempt to capture the original Robot as actually constructed for the TV show and deviate from studio blueprints where needed.  These drawings do not attempt to show internal / structural details.  They are meant to be used as a standard reference to ensure scale between parts is correct.  Club vendor parts may or may not be exactly the same as depicted here, be sure ask vendors for their exact part specs!

These blueprints are coming online as fast as we can get them created and reviewed.
These drawings are copyright and for Club Member use only. Please do NOT redistribute or post these publicly, to do so is a violation of copyright laws.

These file are available in "Drawing Web Format (dwf) and require software to view and print them.

You can download and install a free viewer by clicking here:  

You will need to install this before you can view the blueprints. This software will allow you zoom in on details, print out hardcopies, etc.!

There is also a PDF format available. You'd need to download and install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the files in pdf format.


Click on the links below to download the actual drawing files.
(You may need to right click and choose "save as" to save these files on your system.)

Bubble Section - Assembly
    Bubble (jpg format)
Bottom Plate (jpg format)
    Brain Top View (dwf format) (pdf format) (jpg format) (Research Photo for top shape & centering info)
    Brain Front Band (dwf format) (pdf format) (jpg format)
    Brain Side Band (dwf format) (pdf format) (jpg format)   
    Finger Light Rods
    Brain Cup
    Neck Bracket
    Bubble Lifter Boot

Radar & Collar Section - Assembly
    Radar (dwg format) (dxf format) (pdf format)
    Ear Posts
    Ear Sensors
    Collar (dwf format) (pdf format) (jpg format)
    Collar Neck Shroud Pattern (dwf format) (pdf format) (jpg format)

    Original Collar Jig (Photo) (Scan) (Drawing)

Torso Section - Assembly
    Torso - Temporary JPG of basic dimensions
    Torso - Neon Opening Template (tiff format)
    Torso Hooks
    Neon & Backplate
    Chest Area Buttons & Lights
    Programming Bay
    Power Pack - Reference Info

Arms - Assembly
    Wrist Band & Latches
    Rubber Arms (dwf format) (pdf format) (jpg format)

Leg Section - Assembly
    Donut  (dwf format)  (pdf format)
    Waist Plate  (dxf format)  (pdf format)
    Legs  (dwf format)  (pdf format)

Knee Section - Assembly (dwf format)
    Knee Plate  (dwf format)  (pdf format)
    Knee Bellows  (dwf format)  (pdf format)
    Hinge  (dwf format)  (pdf format)

Tread Section
    Left Foot Assembly (dwf format)

      Left Foot  (dwf format)  (pdf format)
    Right Foot Assembly (dwf format)
      Right Foot  (dwf format)  (pdf format)
      Side Panel  (dwf format)  (pdf format)
    Tread Belts:
        2" wide  (dwf format)  (pdf format)
        1" wide  (dwf format)  (pdf format)
        3 x 1  (dwf format)  (pdf format)
        3 x 2  (dwf format)  (pdf format)
        4 x 1  (dwf format)  (pdf format)
        4 x 2  (dwf format)  (pdf format)




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