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Mike J. ( B9-0002 )

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09/14/2004 - Leg Supports and power supplies

I'm planning for the Treadsections to be separate from the knees, the knees, legs, waistplate an donut will be a complete unit that will slide down onto the Treadsection's leg supports.

To do this I am designing a support based on Norm's Rubber Leg supports that he used to sell and that I already have.  I've cut them up as required.  I'm including blueprints of all my internals, not so much so that someone can duplicate my build exactly but to help give ideas, etc.

The Leg supports consist of several parts.

The Leg Support Shelf - Blueprint   This part mounts inside the Treadsection using the upper wheel axle bolts.

The Leg Support Plate - Blueprint - Photo     This mounts to the shelf and supports the uprights.  Also, the right support plate is where the power supplies mount.

The Leg Support Base Uprights - Blueprint - Photo    These mount to the shelf and were cut from Norm's supports.

The Leg Support Alignement Tubes - Blueprint     These are removable for transport. They slide down into the uprights while the upper leg section slides down on them when put into place.


Here's all the parts (except the tubes) before assembly.


Here's both of the supports, assembled with the power supplies in place.


Here's the wired power suppy and AC Jack.  Note also that connector runs down to the Soil Sampler to control it.


Here are the side panels.  I drilled and tapped 14, #4-40 screw holes on each treadsection for mounting.  Not how the original prop worked but I like the look.


I spent several hours polishing my aluminum wheels.  A pain, but nice results.
I used steel wool at first and then a polishing compound.  I used my lathe to spin them which helped a lot.

Here's a before & after shot:


Several hours later... "Oohhh, Ahhhh...."

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