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Mike J. ( B9-0002 )

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09/18/2004 - Treadsection Assembly

Finally ready to assemble all the fabricated Treadsection parts. I plan to hold off painting until all parts have been assembled and tested.


First, the Left Tread Section:

Here's a shot of the wheel, bearings, bushing, and spacer washers.



Installing the first upper wheel.



All inner wheels and belt installed.



Ready to do the outter wheels next.



Outter wheels and belt installed.



Installing the leg support shelfs to the upper wheel axle bolts.



Leg Support Installed.



Side Panel attached. Left Tread Section Assembled.


Right Tread Section Assembly

The three bolts used to hold the two Tread Sections together, once assembled.



Inner wheels and belt first, then the outter.



Attaching the Soil Sampler.



The power connector is next.



Inside shot showing power connector and leg support shelfs in place.



Power input connected to power supplies.



Soil sampler connected.



Testing power supplies and soil sampler operation.



Both Tread Sections bolted together.



A final shot of the assembled tread sections.


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