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Mike J. ( B9-0002 )

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09/07/2004 Initial Treadsection Work.

First a brief overview.  I plan to build an animated, non-mobile, version of the Robot similar to my first attempt but with some new features such as a working soil sampler.  I've already collected most of the parts I'll need, most are available from current vendors but some, such as the latex legs, are not currently being produced.  Hopefully that will change as vendors bring new products to market.

Treadsection:  This will include the treadsection, side panels, wheels, tread belts, soil sampler, power supplies, etc.

I am using a set of aluminum treadsections that I obtained from Norman Sockwell.

Prep work: I choose to raise the upper wheel holes from the studio blueprints to where the hero's wheels actually where, I believe newer versions of Norm's treads have already made that change.  I also decided that I like the "machined" look and will not add the radius found in the wheel openings even though these features where on the prop.  This is in keeping with my plans to make my Robot more like how I remember it, not always like the prop actually looked "up close".  I will probably texture only the torso and donut (very lightly, for that "cast metal" look) and go with little or no texture on the other parts.

I did a bit of filing, sanding and bondo work then primed the bare metal with Duplicolor self etching primer (DAP 1690). The green color looks kind of "military" to me!


Here's a shot from the rear showing the cutout for the power connector.  Again, not like the prop, but it's functional.

Here's a shot of the power connector I will use.   It has a built in switch and fuse.  
I found it at www.DigiKey.com, ( Q300-ND Power Input Panel, $7.85 ).
I also purchased a cord too ( Q116-ND Power Cord, $4.88 )


Finally, here are the power supplies I've selected.
They are 12vDC at 25 amps and 24vDC at 12.5 amps with built in short circuit protection.
The 24 volt supply is strictly for the all the animation motors.  The 12 volts will run everything else.
I purchased them at www.AstroDyne.com, model #'s AS320-12 & AS320-24.
Small and lightweight, but not the price!  $125 each.   Spec Sheet

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