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Other blueprints and information

Beware! Most of the dimensions in these old DP drawings are out of date and not quite accurate. They are posted there as a historical reference. Always check the Club Standard Online Blueprints section first: Club Standard Online Blueprints



Dave Painter Blueprints

Drawn by Dave Painter in 1998, these were the first serious prints ever available.  Although some measurements have since been refined these excellent blueprints still stand up very well today.  Builders everywhere owe Dave a big "Thanks!" for this tremendous contribution.  These are provided in pdf format and may by printed out at any scale (including full!)

Thanks Dave!



Actual Robot Brain Tracings

These were obtained during the restoration of the robot. Download the .zip file for actual size high detail enlargements for printing. The enlargements are in .tiff format which should print correct 1:1 scale. Match corresponding holes in rear tracing with left and right tracing for complete section.







Oriental Blueprints

The original purpose of these prints is unknown and these should only be used for a guide. The measurements have not been verified but there are a lot of useful details on them.

Click on thumbnails to enlarge.


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