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Read This First!



The B9 Robot Builders Club does not sell parts!  But your club vendors do sell some of the major parts.

These vendors are simply your fellow club members, they are not big production companies!  Many of them have spent hundreds of hours researching and developing the parts they offer.  These parts often take hours to produce.  Please keep this in mind when dealing with them.

Before you purchase a part consider scratch building it yourself.  Much of the fun of building the Robot is learning new skills.  If you do decide to purchase a part then be sure to do your homework!  Some parts varied by season, some vendors use different materials or designs to create the same part.  Make sure you have a good understanding of the part you wish to purchase.  Does it come painted?  Will you need to drill holes or other prep work?  Is shipping extra?  Is it ready to ship now or will there be a delay?  Please make sure you and the vendor have the same understanding of the transaction before you send any money!

You can search for parts by section of the Robot (Head, Torso, Leg) or you can search by Vendor.  Either way, be sure to read the vendor's feedback pages before you buy.  And please send us feedback on the vendors to help out future buyers.

"Good Building!"

B9Creations LLC, Synthesis Entertainment, Space Productions and IAPLLC are not responsible for the claims, product quality or in any way the business practices of Club Vendor's and/or its members and/or dealers and affiliates. All merchandise sold and/or created and derived from the activities of the B9 Robot Builders Club and its affiliates and members are for non-commercial, home use only.

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