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Daniel Monroe - The Magnetic Lock

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Vendor since: September 29th, 2003         

The Magnetic Lock


Robot Ramblings
3-CD Licensed Voice Set

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Volume One: Season 1
Volume Two: Season 2
Volume Three: Season 3
OVER 340 Robot B-9™ Phrases

These compact discs contain Robot B-9™ phrases from Irwin Allen’s classic television series Lost in Space ®. Each of the 83 episodes were carefully scanned, picking out every Robot phrase that contained little or no background music or drastic set noise. Each individual phrase was then digitally recorded from the master source onto ADAT Digital Tape in 8 tracks, allowing for a stronger audio signal and better editing capabilities. The phrases were then digitally re-mastered, correcting for poor equalization and uneven levels that were apparent on the original shows. During the mastering process, all background noise and "hiss" was surgically removed (even from in-between separate words) producing a totally new and digitally re-mastered set of Robot B-9™ phrases. These CD’s not only includes the "famous" Robot lines, but as many lines as could be pulled from each of the Lost in Space ® episodes. In addition, the Robot’s ever-present "background sound effects" were digitally sampled and placed on a separate recording track from the phrases. This allows the user to adjust the volume of the phrases and the sound effects separately...a real nice feature! So, let's get those Robots talking!!!These CD’s will play on any home or portable CD player and on most CD-Rom computer drives. Track 1 contains the Robot phrases and track 2 contains the Original Robot B-9™ sound effects.

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