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One Time order for Ear Motors - Commit List


06/09/2004 - I was told today by Danaher to expect the motors to ship from Switzerland by June 18th, 2004.

04/30/2004 - Well, I'm currently waiting for word back from Danaher Motion as to why the motors have not yet arrived as promised!  I'll update everyone as soon as I hear something from them.

01/20/2004 - This offer is now closed.  The order has been placed. Because we had more orders than forcast I should be able to refund $5 when I ship your motors to you.  That's the good news.  The bad news is I'm told to allow 12 weeks for assembly and delivery.  That means I should get them around mid-April.  I will repackage them and ship them out to you ASAP when they arrive.  Thanks for you patience!  - MikeJ

Number Member ID Name Status
1 B9-0008 Rich C. Paid In Full
2 B9-0022 Steve S. Paid In Full
3 B9-0024 Rod E. Paid In Full
4 B9-0025 Daniel L. Paid In Full
5 B9-0029 Jack N. Paid In Full
6 B9-0036 Mike B. $95 Deposit Paid
7 B9-0037 David K. Paid In Full
8 B9-0042 Trent M. Paid In Full
9 B9-0048 Steven J. Paid In Full
10 B9-0051 Jody C. Paid In Full
11 B9-0062 Vince S. Paid In Full
12 B9-0064 Tom W. Paid In Full
13 B9-0068 Marc C. Paid In Full
14 B9-0076 James M. $95 Deposit Paid
15 B9-0087 Phillip L. Paid In Full
16 B9-0095 James L. Paid In Full
17 B9-0098 Eugene B. Paid In Full
18 B9-0099 Art L. Paid In Full
19 B9-0106 George H. Paid In Full
20 B9-0115 Marty C. Paid In Full
21 B9-0127 Scott M. Paid In Full
22 B9-0135 Mark W. Paid In Full


We've decided to go with the less expensive Danaher motors.

Here's the current list of folks that want ear motors. 

The order will be placed on January 20th, 2003.

Cost per pair ( bulk buy of at least 13 pairs)   $185 (includes shipping)

Motors will require a small adjustable voltage regulator to adjust the RPM's towards the desired 7 rpm value.
I'll need at least 12 folks to commit and pay at least a $95 deposit before I place the order.

This offer is for subscribed club members.

Email me with any questions.

Details for the motors:


Web Sites Danaher http://www.danahermcg.com

Model Numbers: 08GS-105C R10.00256

Diameter: 8mm

Length: 36mm

Rated Voltage / No-load RPM (both using a 256:1 gear reduction)
6 volts / 41.7rpm

Cost per single pair (not a bulk buy) $382.80 + shipping

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