Journal Entry:  20 April 2001

Back from Cleveland - Photos from Cleveland

Here's some shots of the arm mechanism being built.

Inside view of the torso wiring.

The arm mech patterns laid out on 1/4" acrylic.
The arm mech parts.
Another shot.
Painted, note the limit switches that are activated by the cam.
Another shot.
Arms attached to the CSS.
Testing the arms from the laptop.

As these shots show, the arms are actuated by a pully, attached is a 12" long cable that pushes or pulls a 3/8" delrin plastic rod out or in to the acrylic frame.  The limit switches ensure that the pully never turns too far in either direction.

I'm done with my robot for now, maybe next winter I'll upgrade the software and add some new stuff, but it's time to enjoy the summer now!  A full size Space Pod would be a nice outside project...