B9's Rock Cleveland, April 2001

Room Shot 1 (PaulJohansson's & Jim London's consoles, Scott's B4.5)
Room Shot 2 (B9's left to right: Pat Burns, Jim London, Doug Shott, Bob Knill)
Room Shot 3 (B9's:  Craig Reinbrecht, Greg Logue, Mike J and Nick's Dr.Smith)

My Robot with Nick Mulpagano's "Dr.Smith"
Me and the Robot
Dewey Howard with my Robot (Dr Smith looks on)
Sarah, the Robot, Dr.Smith, Matthew and Neda
Scott Sanderson's 1/2 Scale "B4.5"
Sarah & Matthew with B4.5
Sarah replaces the Power Pack

Clip from the club site
Power pack pull movie (.mpg format)

Downloadable movies from Bob Knill (Thanks Bob!)
Flint pulls the Power pack (10.4 Meg)
B9 Waves his arms (3.5 Meg)

The Cast Signs my Robot's Side Panel
Bill Mumy (Will Robinson)
Angela Cartwright (Penny Robinson)
Marta Kristen (Judy Robinson)
Mark Goddard (Major Don West)
June Lockhart (Maureen Robinson)
Jonathan Harris (Dr. Smith)

I also had my Dr Smith mask signed
Jonathan Harris (Dr. Smith)
Vitina Marcus (Girl From The Green Dimension)