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Kevin Burns has provided some info on the new "The Robinsons: Lost in Space" series.


05/02/2004 - A photograph of the cast for the new show, provided by Executive Producer, Kevin Burns:



Kevin Burns talks about the new Warner Brothers "Lost in Space" series remake.

Interview by Michael Joyce, October 9th, 2003

Questions have been flying over what the new "Lost In Space" series might look like. I emailed Kevin Burns of Synthesis Entertainment with some of these questions and he phoned me to talk about them. The following is a paraphrase of our conversation constructed from notes I took during our talk. I want to express a big "Thanks!" to Kevin for taking the time to address our questions.

What happened to the NBC, made for TV, "Lost in Space" reunion movie?
We had a good script and NBC was excited with it. Jonathan Harris was also very excited about it, he had it memorized and had 'improved' it by rewriting most of Dr. Smith's lines. This was planned as a reunion movie that would bring the cast back together and end with the possibility of a new series. Of course, after the passing of Jonathan the project became very difficult and I I really did not feel it could be done well without him. Some alternate ideas were considered, including one were Dr. Smith's personality was expressed through the Robot. But sadly, the "Lost In Space" reunion that I wanted to do died with Jonathan.

What time frame can we expect on the release of the new series?
WB has ordered what is called a "Put Pilot" which means a script will be written for a one hour pilot episode. If that script is approved then shooting should start in January. Location for shooting the pilot is not yet known, perhaps some place like Vancouver. The pilot should be ready for review by April with a final WB network decision probably coming in May. If it is picked up then the first episodes should start with the fall 2004 schedule. WB seems very excited about "Lost In Space", the head of the network made a personal plea for the series and this excitement was one of the reasons we went with them over CBS.

How long will the series run?
That's impossible to say. However, the story arc created by Doug Petrie contains many surprise events and elements that will be introduced along the way, enough to ensure several seasons of good stories if it is a hit.

What will the characters in the new series be like?
Doug Petrie's vision is much like the original vision of Irwin Allen. The time frame will be set about 100 years in the future.
John Robinson is seen as a "Russell Crowe in Gladiator" type who has been through very tough times on an over populated and battle weary Earth. He's motivated to get his family to a saner environment and plans to take them to a farming colony. He's not the "sensitive type" like the character we saw in the LIS movie and he has some trouble relating with his son's intellectual abilities.
Maureen Robinson will be the tough but loving mom, getting the job done and not afraid to use a laser pistol to do it.
Major Don West will still be the daring pilot with his eye on Judy, a fact that will put him at odds with John Robinson at times.
Judy Robinson is 18-19 of age, understands the reasons for leaving Earth with her family but is perhaps the most reluctant to go.
William Robinson is still the 10 year old boy genius and will no doubt save the family from time to time with his cleverness.
Penny Robinson is the biggest character change. She is to be an infant/toddler, totally dependant on the family for protection. Why bring an infant into space? Remember they thought they were going to a safer place than Earth. They did not plan to get lost.
The Robot is also a departure. Because they are going to an established colony it doesn't make sense to bring a robot. But don't worry, there will be a Robot and it will be created by Will Robinson. And, like in the original series, as time passes it will become more human and a part of the family. As far as how it "looks", it will not be a "duplicate" of the original robot but it should have some familiar features. It definitely will not be another "Big Blue" from the movie. I hope to see Dick Tufeld doing the voice of the Robot, if he is able.
Dr. Smith? There is no Dr Smith. At least not in at the start...

I see how this is a remake and not a reunion series, how will this new show affect those of us who still love the original?
As much as I would love to have seen the reunion, it's just not practical. Hopefully, fans of the original will embrace this new vision. If the new series is picked up, we can expect to see renewed interest in the original series. That may lead to it getting more air time than it currently enjoys. Also, Fox Home Entertainment would be motivated to release Seasons 2&3 of the original series on DVD before September as well. So I see a lot of interest being created in the original series as a result of this. And that's a good thing for those of us that fell in love with the Original Lost In Space!

Thanks Kevin!


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