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Report and Photos from Cathy C. B9-0244


October, 2004: Chiller
New Jersey

Here are some photos from Chiller.  It was a great time for me.  It was so good to see some of the same faces from my first club attendance at Fright Vision 2000.  FV was great and I felt very welcomed, but this time it was better.  I felt more like a participant and club representative.  It was fun talking to people coming in and answering questions.  And, I guess this has to be kind of hushed, but Craig and Scott talked me into getting inside.  I thought I'd be too claustrophobic, but it was fun.  I was in for 45 min. and gave a few folks a good startle.  Bill videotaped it.

That's my little report. I'm looking forward to more club events.



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