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Steve S . ( B9-0478)



Updated: 10/04/2010:

Here I used a lathe to cut out the circles for the collar and put the weights on top when I glued them together.


Center supports added


First set of ribs.


All ribs in place.


Just put the radar on top to see how it would look.



Updated: 05/06/2010:  

I am using the lathe at work. Again sorry for the picture.

Brain Cup. This is the bottom part of a air bag from the suspension system of a car from work. Sorry for the pictures but couldn't down load them from the phone.


Other View


Cup machined & i am cutting MFD board for the rest.


Elongated holes drilled

Not finished yet. Just put the light rods in to see what it would look like. I have to screw & glue the parts together.





Updated: 11/17/2009:  

Cut the discs on a brake drum lathe at work.

Disks are made of Plexiglas

Not to bad of a cut on the discs.

Here i use the PVC pipe for the boot ring instead of the lid in the next picture.

As you can see the Goop lid is just about the same diameter as the PVC pipe.

I cut the center out but didn't like the way it looked.

Bottom half of radar section made from oak plywood.

I used wood filler to fill in the sides and then sanded them, it makes a lot of dust but has a nice finish.


For the black trim i used flexible corner molding.

Flexible molding.

The 8 pieces of wood i used some floor boards i pulled up from the dining room. I am putting a new floor down.

Materials used for the radar.

Gathering materials for tread section.

The gray wood you see is from an old sign from work that has been sitting there for the last 10 years. They were going to throw it out but i got it.

These motors i got off of Ebay for $160.00 The will need the 24 volt system to work.

I used the belt sander to smooth these out.

I used the band saw to cut these out.

Getting there.

Now i need to rout these out.

Me & my wife with some parts of the B9


The collar is a fan shroud.

These are from the air leveling system on a Lincoln.

All ribs are made.

Second tread section soon to follow.



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