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Tom B. ( B9-0410)



Updated: 01/18/2010:  
I put my radar and brain assemblies together and had the robot lit up and talking for Halloween. Made a set of motorized ears for him. I motorized Gary's radar with a animation kit from Greg. Used a very nice crown from Bill, Jerry's motor cam set up and Tom's LED brain kit. Using my I-B9 software, we had a great time enteracting with all the trick-or-treaters. First time I've had him in public, the response was fantastic, can't wait to show him off again. Still have some work to do on him. Need to mount my arm slides next.


Updated: 06/19/2009:  
I started to assemble the treads in the living room, that didn't last long, back to the man cave. I have the lower half all painted and assembled. I still need to trim the arms but I couldn't resist installing them for a look. Going to start working on the arm slides next. I opened the garage and before long all the neighbors were checking it out, that was a good feeling.


Updated: 05/19/2009:  
I started to put me feet together. Moved this project into the living room,not sure how long my wife will let me get away with this.


Updated: 05/11/2009:  
Some photos of my progress.
Made my aluminum bracket for my torso motor. This drives Andy's gears, notice ring gear is mounted to bottom of lazy susan.
Been working on Gary's radar kit, very nice kit, went together easy.
Made some acrylic brains, laser cut face plates 1/16" thick, top plate is mirrored. This was a fun project, took alot of time.


Updated: 11/10/2008:  
Some photos of my progress.
These are Fred's legs I got on e-bay. I added some fiberglass to the insides, they are thin and not made to hold any weight. I made leg supports from the treads sections to the lazy susan to support the torso. Still have to fit torso motor and then disassemble for painting. Its pretty exciting to finally see him standing.



Updated: 08/27/2008:  
I feel like I've been spending all my time turning wheels. I've never run a lathe before, didn't realize how long this takes. I found all my aluminum rounds at a recycling center in an industial area of town. Took me a couple months to come up with enough stock for all my wheels, all together I spent $130.00 on aluminum. I owe a special thanks to Cliff at Lincoln Welding for all his help and advice, and a cutting bit he made me that cut through aluminum like it was butter. Next comes polishing.



Updated: 04/09/2008:  
I've been making some progress.

 I started wiring my CSS, I'm using a molex connectors so I can discount and lift my torso off of the CSS.

I started wiring my torso, used Tom's light controller, it works great.

Have my neon mounted, get to wire that up next.

Started work on my right treadsection with soil samlper door,alot of work but its getting there.



Updated: 03/05/2008:  

I finally have a color on my torso I'm happy with. It's painted!



Updated: 02/25/2008:  

I'm making progress on my aluminum treadsections. Torso is textured. Vents are made with inner screens.



Updated: 11/26/2007:  

Top view of donut, I did this a little different. I mounted Andy's driven gear to the bottom side of the lazy susan, this let me use 1/4" acrylic CSS base on top of the lazy susan,this also acts as a spacer for a perfect gap between donut and lazy susan.
Bottom view of donut, I didn't want my donut to have to support any weight. I made studs long enough to go from the lazy susan down through the donut and waiste plate to my leg support. I drilled out a large enough hole on the bottom side of the donut for a nut and washer that will sit on my waiste plate without touching the donut.
View of the gap between torso and donut. I am very pleased with the results. The gap is just right.
View of my new work area. My B9 and I have a new play area. We have dish TV, heat, very comfortable. My wife calls it my Man Cave. It's the only place I'm safe !





Updated: 09/11/2007:  These are the newest photos I would like added to my scrap book.  I have friends who are following my progress and keep asking why I haven't added any.


Updated: 07/04/2007:  Started my aluminum tread sections.
Left one of the center panels tall to give more area to attach leg supports Used all thread to set spacing before it is welded.


Updated: 05/09/2007:  Working on the Collar.

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