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Jeff J . ( B9-0321)



Updated 10/01/2007: This is a B9 model built by our friend's 13 year old son, Jacob.  He really like's my B9 and could very easily end up being a future B9-er.  His mom and dad already bought him the entire "LIS" DVD set.  Also, Jacob had a framed hand drawn Robby the Robot sitting on a bookshelf in their TV room, he drew this as well.  I had to take a photo of this as well, Jacob has some serious talent!



Updated: 06/19/2006:  I have the offical 2 large chest lights now installed.  I also have the programming bay with light and working vent also installed, thanks David H for the parts, tape reel from Jim Q, thanks Jim.  Light in bay, and bay back panel from Tom J, thanks Tom.  Plans for vents Bob G's web site, the plans for the jigs worked perfect.  I had the neon working, but goofed something up on it.  Will get that fixed, and the rest of the details installed for the final picture in my scrap book.  Thanks alot everyone in the club that has helped me out with this project.  All that is left are the knee hinges which are made.  The neon setup straightened out and the sound system added.  O' yes, the zipper and dye for the legs and knees.  I would mention each member personally, but everyone here helped with this robot in one way or another.
Thanks again. - Jeff J B9-0321



Updated: 06/05/2006:  I just updated my belly area.  The 10 teeth lights and bezel are scratch built.  I cut the teeth lights out of lexan left over from another project. I got a piece of .032 aluminum "from Lowes" cut it to shape, mailed it down to David H. who rough cut the squares out for me.  He mailed it back and I filed them the rest of the way out. My boss copied the colored letter'ed squares on a color copier after we got the scale we needed on his computer. Charlie G. set me some plastic colored sheeting that I used behind the "teeth buttons" to enhance the color.  And I also used the same for the red color on the "robots eyes".  Brian sent me the torso knob. I used Danial L's idea for the torso mic., but used dryway tape for the mic. screen, masking tape behind that and filled it in with resin and installed a screw.  This is without any question a group project ! Thanks everyone.


Updated: 06/01/2006:  Well one more step figured out in the race to build the robot !   Hope to have actual sound hooked up next.  Alot done, but alot to go.
Thanks everyone for the help and support with this project.


Updated: 05/23/2006:  This is my support personel for the build.  My wife Kim, This will be it until I get the neon hooked up,
Then onto who know's whats next with this project,, but he really looks great for now.


Updated: 05/12/2006:  It's really going well, about 9 months into it now.


Updated: 01/30/2006:

Updated: 12/10/2005:



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