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Thomas M. ( B9-0313 )



Updated: 07/13/2006

A few things I've learned since building my B9:

- More tools are better.
- More expensive tools last longer and work better than cheap tools.
- The RIGHT tool expensive or not, is better than the wrong tool.
- No matter how expensive the tool, you still need to know how to use it correctly.
- The first time you use a new type of tool it usually doesn't work anything like you thought it would.
- Everything takes longer than you ever thought it would--even with expensive new tools.
- It sometimes takes two, no not two, but three, no not three, but four, no--rather a whole bunch of attempts at something to do it successfully no matter how expensive the tool was.
- Small drill bits break easily--even the extra expensive titanium ones.
- Sometimes you've just got to ruin $100 or more worth of plastic/wood/metal/components/etc. to get it right even with the right tool.
- Wives often get jealous/impatient/angry over robots and new tools.
- More tools are better.


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