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Tom J. ( B9-0301 )



Updated: 08/28/2006 - Here is the “new” leg look.  I re-did the legs because the last set settled due to poor spacers on my part.  The new set is 17”.

Updated: 08/18/2006 - Movie of my B9   Click to download

Updated: 02/03/2006 - Pictures of B9 Command Central


Updated: 02/03/2006 - Completed!


Updated: 01/30/2006 - Completed Brain - MOVIE DOWNLOAD

Updated: 12/19/2005 - Here is a picture showing the addition of my finger lights and sporting a set of Vince's rubber arms!!
All I need now is a set of wrist!!

And here's a movie to Download



Updated: 10/21/2005 - Here is my latest stack-up with the brain now assembled and installed.
Next will be to get all the lighting working.




Updated: 10/12/2005 - This is a shot of my complete MIC and a close up of my Fred Barton torso with the textured finish.
I need one more final sanding and a final coat of paint.


Updated: 10/11/2005 - He is actually starting to look like the real thing!!
Trying out different shades of silver.  This is my color study using the Alfa Romeo silver and cast iron for the chest area.


Updated: 10/04/2005 - Here is a new stack up showing the installation of the Radar/ears, neck boot and chest plate.
He is really starting to take shape now.



Updated: 10/03/2005 - Finishing up my B9 legs using Mark Thompsons plans.  
They are completed.  I painted them with Plasti -dip (black) and Dupli-color charcoal gray paint.  They look nice.  Has that rubber look.



Updated: 09/26/2005 - Treadsection work.
Here I coverd the tread sections made of MDF with styrene.  
It has a nice clean look to it. Just some sanding, prime and paint.



Updated: 09/17/2005 - Stack Up

This is my first test stack up of my B9. He is actually starting to look like the real thing now.

Updated: 09/14/2005 - Leg Work

These are the legs using Mark Thompson's plans.
I still need to detail them, but the foam insulation worked well for this application.



Updated: 09/12/2005 - Tread & Knee Work

This is a picture of my tread section I did this weekend using MDF and Mark Thompson's lower section plans.
I'm very pleased with them.  I still need to add the styrene layer on top yet to finish them off.


These are the knees made using Mark Thompson's plans.
I glued 2-1/2" MDF boards together and then using a template and a router, I made these.
I still need to finish them and paint them with liquid rubber.



Updated: 08/23/2005 - Torso Work

Test fit of the power pack created by Pat Burns and signed by Bob May.


Picture of the programming panel made by Neil Allison

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