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Brad C. ( B9-0268 )



Updated: 05/28/2007
Special thanks to Kevin G. for selling me his parts and dream also to Mike J. for his torso and all the vendors.
I would also like to thank Jim Q . for whom I would never have finished without his help.
Brad C.



Updated: 01/30/2006


Updated: 08/07/2005 - Torso Work

Updated: 6/18/2005 - More Claws!

Updated: 05/14/2005 - More Brains!


Updated: 05/13/2005 - Brains!


Updated: 05/02/2005 - Progress shots.


Updated: 04/21/2005 - Progress shots.

Updated: 04/05/2005 - Progress shot.


Updated: 03/22/2005 - First Stack Up - Mini Me B9!


Updated: 03/17/2005


Updated: 03/15/2005

Updated: 03/11/2005


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