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Mike L. ( B9-0181 )


09/11/2007 - Been awhile since I worked on my robot. Here is my prototype arm slides I was even thinking of putting on my Vendor page, not sure yet if it would fly but works real well posing arms or a motor could be installed too. The wrist mounts with an offset piece to pivot the wrists. The arm slide simply slides in from the front 6" hole and is sandwiched with the mounting bolts for the rubber arm gaskets and has a 7" round flange solidered in place. Pretty balanced with my Bill K. wrists. Mark W. claws. Could add a rear bracket for safety, but seems to do fine just mounted to the arm socket. Made this out of 26 gage galvanized metal as you can see by the side pattern, top and bottom caps to enclose it as a one pc unit, the channel is from a Verticle blind but can add a alluminium channel instead.


04/01/2007 - I finally have a brain!  Thanks to Fred B. bubble and Paul F. bottom plate, I was able to finish my brain for now.  Plus some homemade fingerlights, Norms brain cup and My own neck bracket and faceplates on him are already being upgraded to Scott S. faceplates and cam. What a scary time drilling the bubble and bottom plate, so thanks to all that made it possible.

  Brain Video

03/28/2007 - Finishing brain and treadsection.



MPG video of the Robot (6.66 MB)


MPG video of the Robot (5.02 MB)

Project status photo.

Hello B9er's,
Been awhile since I had time to work on my B9, so my first project is to finish my tread section.  I plan to cover them with 26 gage galvanized so I can etch the outside for paint and leave the inside alone.  All my joints will be solidered and sanded so no seams will show, here is a start of what I am doing, and yes the outer side for the side panels will be the correct thickness.  Some of the other panels will be re-cut better since I started these when I began the project 2 years almost ago,and collected better tools and also a shop to do them in, I will also make my own sheetmetal knee plates too.  Will add more pictures on my progress.  Notice the closet in the back to store My B9 when not working on him, his own room!   Thanks, Mike L.  



09/26/2005 - Donut!


08/07/2005 - Torso is painted!




Arm socket added 01/17/2005

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