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Scott S. ( B9-0058 )


Arms, Treads & Misc.

This was a cad design I made up when Dewey and I were considering making real cast rubber arms.

Cad design of several arm segments placed together.

This is my original neoprene arm I had made.  The length was much to long. This was the successor to Norman Sockwell's arms.

Picture of the arm being flexed.

Inside cloth lining of the arm. 

This is a mock-up of my initial treadsection design made from heavy card stock.  The cad design was printed to 1/10 scale and assembled to verify that everything fits correctly.

Bottom view of treadsection mock-up.

My initial hinge design that used a steel slug as the pseudo hinge. 

Hinge pins and retainers for moveable hinges.

This is the aluminum soil sampling tube that I am working on for the soil sampling unit.  The soil sampling door will open, the tube will extend, begin to rotate, retract, and the door closes.  There is a motor mounted in the soil sampling tube to provide rotation.  Check out the teeth cut into the bottom!

This is the frontside of the utility access panel on the treadsection.  Few people realize that there was a recessed panel on the rear of the treadsection for the electrical hookups.  I could have taken the easy way out mounted this stuff directly to the rear of the treadsection, but having a separate panel allows you to customize the hook-ups for your future requirements.  I have a filtered IEC electrical connector, a 6 pin DIN jack for wired remote control functions, and a master power switch.

Rear shot of the panel.  Notice the mounting studs are welded into the steel plate and ground flush on the frontside so they do not show.

Cabinet where I had my LIS collection until it grew into a whole room!

Electrovoice model 631 microphone along with Vince Roberts microphone as reference.  The Electrovoice microphone is too big.  I evenbought all the replacement microphone grills that Electrovoice had thinking this was the correct microphone - unfortunately its not.

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