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Info on the Robot's Power Pack



The Robot's power pack was a modified McDonald Douglas Singer Librascope circuit board.  The prop guys simply added a cover and three phono jacks (two at first and then a third a bit later.) and Presto! we have a cool Robot power pack, just right for quick action by Don West or Dr. Smith.

McDonald Douglas Singer Librascope Photo found by Flint Mitchell

Here's a few shots of the Hero Prop from the Components Gallery

Shot showing the cover.          Edge Connector.        Side view.  


Screen Grabs:


Here are photos by Mark Wees of GuyV's original Librascope circuit board. Note that this board had a different layout than the Robot, but the frame is the same.
Click on the photos for large images.


The following four photos are from Mike D:


Be sure to see Mark's article about the Power Pack Decals in the Construction Tips Section too!

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