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Mark Thompson

Email  mthompson11@gmail.com
Web Site: www.B9Robot.com

Vendor since: January 31st, 2007              



Waist-to-Tread Section Templates & Instructions

1:1 Templates and Illustrated Instructions for Scratch Building Virtually Everything from the Waist Down

Price: $45 + shipping  


Scores of people have built the lower half of the robot for less than $200 using the templates and instructions that Mark Leslie and I created in 1999, the Bermuda Triangle robot plans.  The templates were developed by studying photos of the original robot, the studio blueprints, and Dave Painter’s excellent drawings.  More than just blueprints, these full-size templates spell out exactly what pieces to cut out to construct your robot.  And the instructions guide you each step of the way.

In January 2007 Mark and I finished revising each template sheet to make them more accurate than ever.  All dimensions now match the B9 Club standard blueprints so you can make the most accurate parts possible.  Changes to each sheet are noted below, and the instruction booklet also got some needed edits.  Using plywood and foam pipe insulation, you can build almost the entire bottom half of the robot accurately and cheaply.

The set of five templates comes on 26" x 36" paper via Priority Mail.  The eight-page instruction manual includes a materials list and comes by email as an Adobe Acrobat file so you can print your own copies and zoom in on the photos.  I also send along the wheel dimensions and instructions for making inexpensive treads and creating a textured finish.


Contact me for information on how to order.


8-Page Illustrated Instruction Manual
Step-by-step instructions, sent as a PDF, guide you for each part of the construction process. Clear photos of the different stages show you what to look for and how your parts should appear. Bonus pages give ideas for adding a textured finish and making inexpensive tread belts for display.


The Donut Template

Using four rings of plywod and foam, you can make the robot’s donut waist. Changes include a slight increase in diameter to match the standard measurements now available and torsos being sold. The "donut cap" has also been adjusted to match up with the most accurate torsos being sold.

Note: it's also possible to substitute a plastic gear setup for the plan's top spacer if you plan to animate your robot.

Donut Template

The Waist Plate Template

Half inch plywood is all you need to make the robot's waist plate. The template has location markings for attachment to both the legs and donut. The center cutout allows for wiring or mechanical attachments or even a person inside your robot costume.

The dimensions are now 100 percent accurate to the original robot.

Waist Plate Template

The Legs Template

You'll be amazed how much foam pipe insulation looks like authentic rubber legs once it's attached to the framework this template helps you build.

This sheet got a top-to-bottom overhaul to match the new waist plate while retaining the overall shape that made these plans popular. New legs cast from the original studio molds served as a guideline for the nine-piece leg framework.

Note: tracing each of the nine pieces shown on this sheet makes construction go more smoothly.

Legs Template

The Knees & Knee Plate Template

Cutouts on this template reduce the overall weight of the robot yet leave room for secure attachment of the components.

The template now has accurate rounded corners on the knee plate. The knees themselves were adjusted (slightly wider and shallower) to match the current standard measurements.

Knees & Knee Plate Template

The Tread Section Template

Cutouts on the parts making up the tread section reduce the unit's weight significantly. Location holes for wheel axels are clearly indicated. Though not called for in the instructions, a functional soil sample door can easily be added to this setup.

This updated template raises the upper wheel location to more accurately match the original robot's construction.

Tread Section Template