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Chris Pappas - Screen Fabrications

Websites: ScreenFabrications.com

Vendor since: January 1st, 2016



Thorough. Exhaustive. Encyclopedic.
Price: $49.95
Shipping: $5.00 US, $12.00 internationally

This is the collection B9 Builders have dreamed of. An absolute MUST-HAVE if you are at all concerned with getting your robot details right. Your one-stop go-to for reference on all B9 Robot details!

  • HD screen shots from virtually every shot the robot appeared in, some revealing one-time-only glances at components
  • Multiple frames when camera or robot movement revealed additional detail
  • Over 50 high resolution scans of publicity shots
  • Proof sheets

I've gone through the entire series, every scene and in cases where it mattered advanced one frame at a time until the best, most revealing frame or frames were shown. More than 6500 1080p shots!

The files are named so the images sort into the filmed order of the episodes so that one can see the evolution of the robot details. When knobs, lights, paint and other details changed.

Here are just a few samples of what you'll see when you have this in your collection:
(Click on each image for the full resolution HD screen shot)

Media is a data DVD. Other media (USB, CD) can be arranged, email for details.

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