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Greg Logue

Email  b9greg@rap.midco.net

Vendor since: February 19th, 2005              


* Please email for availability before sending any funds.
* All prices do not include shipping - Please include your shipping address so that I can give you a complete total.



Steel Brain with Stainless Steel Top Plate

Price: $245 "plus shipping. (Cost of Insurance added by your request)"

(Click on images to enlarge)

  • Fully laser cut steel parts - solder welded together and then cleaned, primed and finished. Ready to be painted the color of your choice.
  • This part is only done by runs - which will be posted to the club in the late winter time frame.
  • I can put your name on the list if you miss the sign-up period.
  • Backbround information - I have built over 120 of these to date - I have the experience.
  • See below for more pictures of the completed part.
  • All questions or requests must be emailed to me at : b9greg@rap.midco.net - Thank You






    Radar Animation Gear Kit
    Price: $100

    "Just what you need to get your Radar Section moving!!"

    * This Radar Animation Gear Kit will fit both the Tim K Torso Radar Section and my New V2 Torso Radar Section.
    * kit includes Gear Set with two small gears, and Complete Instructions.

    Kit DOES NOT include Lee Valley 12K6809 9" Aluminum Lazy Susan Bearing.
    Click Here to go to Lee Valley Lazy Susan page

    Detail Photo of Gears

    Email for availability or if you have a question:b9greg@rap.midco.net



    Radar Motor Info

    I am no longer carrying the Radar Motor. However....


    Here's the information to order one directly from the distributor:
    Jim Beam at Jbeam@comp-tech.com
    Part Number for the Motor is: #TG-47G-SG-75-HA, 12V. (12 volt)
    (This is an updated motor from the original discontinued model. (4/10/21) The change is to a first stage helical gear which makes the gear motor quieter, but that's it.)

    Here is the complete contact info for the distributor:
    Jim Beam
    Component Technology, Inc.
    14390 E. Hampden Ave.
    Aurora, CO 80014
    303-850-0087 (Office)
    303-521-6680 (Cell)



    Rubber Arm & Neck Support Rings

    Price for full set: $50

    * Arm Support Rings only - $ 40.00
    * Neck Support Rings only - $35.00

    Parts have been designed to work with Will Huff's rubber parts and are all laser cut from .040 black styrene.

    * Full set includes 9 sized rings for the ribs in the Radar Boot and 18 rings for the Arms. The rings for the arms are designed to be placed in every other rib and these can be used in any configuration that your robot is in. Static Display, Motorized Arms, or Costume!

    Arm Ring Photo


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