B9Helpers, Our Pledge

The B9Helpers on this site are here because they love robot building!

Every B9Helper has pledged the following:

To always be ready to answer specific questions and provide help, via email.
To always be open to suggestions and critiques of their work and to try and improve it when they can.
To only help with parts that they themselves have researched and built.

(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q:  Why another robot building site?
A:  The goal of this site is to provide a one stop place for builders.  We feel we compliment other sites but don't wish to compete with them.

Q:  Is there a B9Helpers mailing list I can join?
A:  No.  There are already good lists available.  Our information can be found online or by emailing a B9Helper with your specific question.

Q:  Can there be more than one B9Helper for a particular part?
A:  Of course!  If you have used a new and original method to make a part and don't mind answering questions via email then consider joining the B9Helpers team.

Q:  I'd like to contribute an article describing how I created a part, but I don't have the time to answer questions via email.  Can I still help?
A:  Yes, we will gladly post your original article(s) and give you the credit.

Q:  Can you put up a link to my site?
A:  No, we don't have a "links" section.

Q:  Can I link my site to yours?
A:  Yes!  We welcome the attention.

Q:  How come I can't find any "screen grabs" or "wave files" here?
A:  We have decided to limit our content to original works only.

Q:  I want to buy a part, how come you don't list prices?
A:  Although some helpers may be willing to create something for you privately that is not the main purpose of our site.

Q:  I found a guy that wants to sell me a part, but he wants a big deposit.  Should I send him money?
A:  If you do decide to buy something over the internet please make sure you know and trust the seller.  Never pay a "deposit".  A good rule to follow is never send anyone any money until they are ready to ship your item.  All our B9Helpers have agreed that these are very wise guidelines to follow.

Q:  What if I have problems with a particular B9Helper.
A:  While I doubt that will happen, you should notify us if it does.  B9Helpers have agreed not to abuse their positions and can be removed from this site if their fellow B9Helpers decide that it is for the best.

Q:  How come there's no one to help out with part ____________?
A:  Because YOU haven't volunteered to help yet.  :-)