MarkT's Plans - Waist to Treads

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Many people have built the lower half of the robot at low cost by using the templates and instructions that Mark Leslie and I created. The templates were developed by studying the robot, the existing blueprints, and Dave Painter’s excellent drawings. Some variance in measurements exist between all these sources, so the end result reflects some creative choices to achieve proper fit and appearance.

 Our set of five templates is printed on 26" x 36" paper. The eight-page instruction manual includes a materials list and comes both in printed form and on disk as an Adobe Acrobat file so you can print additional copies and zoom in on the photos. I also send along the instructions for making inexpensive treads, legs gaskets, and wheel dimensions.

 If you’d like a set of plans for everything from the waist to the treads, drop me a note and I’ll answer any questions you might have.

Some Pictures: