Programming Bay Label Application Instructions -  By CraigR

Here's a little tip for everyone when installing your labels. Because these labels are pressure sensitive, once they're stuck, THEY'RE STUCK! You'll need the following,

 Small bowl of water
 Dishwashing liquid (must be a clear color i.e. Joy, Dawn, etc.)
 Paper towel

Add about 1/8-1/4 teaspoon (If it's concentrated use less) of dishwashing liquid to the bowl of water and stir well. Next, be sure the area you're applying to is completely clean and free of dust or oily residue. Then, slowly bend the corner of the label backing to expose the edge of the label. After dipping the tweezers in the bowl of water, use them to gently peel the label from the backing. After the label is freed, submerse it into the water, and using the tweezers, position it in the desired location on the programming unit. The dishwashing liquid in the water actually makes the water slicker and provides the slip needed to position the label correctly on the programming unit. After it's positioned, double the paper towel over your finger and gently blot and roll (DO NOT RUB) the water from underneath the label starting in the center an working your way out to the edge. After you've installed all the labels, allow 24 hours for the water to dry before handling.