BillK's Power Pack

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The finishing touch to my robot. To give a brief history, the power pack is actually a component of a piece of military equipment that was used in the 60's. At the time, it was salvaged from the equipment, modified it by adding 3 phono jacks, replaced some screws and covered the electronics with clear plastic. I was able to secure another original component identical to the one used on the show and cast resin copies of the frame components. The circuitry was then created using art work of the original. The printed circuit board was professionally etched, tin plated, drilled and routed to the specs of the original. Since the original power pack was part of military equipment all the electronic components are, of course, militarygrade. So, to be totally authentic I used actual military grade electronics from that time period in the power pack. The 2 different greenish colors that are on the various frame components were computer color matched from the originals. The paint used is a custom industrial mix. The finished piece is not only the most accurate replica of the original power pack, but a work of art in itself. Check out the pics below to see the details!  Much thanks to MikeD for his help in creating the power pack.

Some Pictures