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Claw Revision Update

     I've decided to rework my original claws to make them even more accurate than they were.  Basically, after reviewing and scaling countless photos as well as getting some feedback from fellow builders I am in the process of making the following revisions:

- Increase the angle of the claw

- Make the claws slightly fatter

- Put in the “infamous” recesses on the inside of the claws

New claw flat patterns were created by studying studio blueprints, promo photos, and screen grabs. Flat patterns were put in 2d format in Autocad 2002. These 2d patterns wer manipulated in 3d space. The results were rendered and shown below in comparison to promo photos from various angles.

Outermost bend was not smoothed, and recesses have not been added. These were done to validate the flat patterns that were created for the new basswood master. Additonally, some annomolies exist since all 4 pieces were originally hand sculpted and vary slightly.
Some Pictures:

New claw master pattern:

1  2

3  4

Cad work for new pattern: