CAD Information

CAD stands for "Computer Aided Drafting" or "Design".

Your "B9Helpers" are in the process of creating a standardized set of drawings to define each part.  Information for each part comes from a variety of sources.  We believe that we have searched out and found the most accurate dimensions available.  If you believe a dimension is in error then please notify us and we will review your critique and update our files as required. Be advised that parts created in the past may not agree with our drawings.  Always verify that the part you plan to utilize is built to your own personal accuracy standards and that it will function as you desire.

Our two dimensional (2D) drawings are created using CAD software.  With this software it is fairly easy to define a part completely and use that definition to extract any dimension needed.  It can also be used to create traditional Front, Top & Side view drawings of a part with basic dimensions depicted.

We plan to provide "jpg" formatted drawings showing standard views with basic dimensions.  These should be complete enough to answer most questions.

If you would like to create a CAD drawing you will need to become familiar with CAD.  Two good packages for getting started with CAD are TurboCAD (Free!) and DeltaCAD (shareware).  DeltaCAD is perhaps simpler to learn but has trouble reading some dxf files.  TurboCAD LE is a full featured 2D CAD program and is better if you are serious about learning CAD.

TurboCAD v4 (Learning Edition)
This is a full featured 2D CAD program which they call their free learning edition.  It's their old version 4 (current version is 8.0 but it is NOT free!)
Click here to register, after which you will be emailed a link to allow free download of this software.

A fairly simple "shareware" CAD program is DeltaCAD.  We have found it sufficient for most 2D CAD work and have provided a copy for download.

Click here to download DeltaCAD ( -1412 KB) (you might need to right click and select the "Save Link As..." menu item)

If you choose to use this utility please read the shareware notice and support its developer as requested.  We have no association with DeltaCAD other than being satisfied users.

DeltaCAD installation & usage instructions:
Create a temporary directory.  Unzip the downloaded into this temporary directory.  Locate and run the extracted "Setup.exe" file located in the temporary directory.  Follow the on screen installation instructions.   Study the "Help" section of DeltaCAD to learn the basics of CAD software usage.