Journal Entry:  21 April 2001

Well, we're starting on our Space Pod (Yeah, I know... totally nuts!)
Haven't decided if we'll go full scale or perhaps 3/4 scale.  The full scale stands about 12' tall from the ground to the top of the radar dish.  So far I've got my hands on some scanned copies of the studio blueprints, most of the dimensions are readable.  I've started making my own CAD drawings.  Right now my plan is to use basic wood frame construction techniques and perhaps do a final fiberglass finish for weather proofing.  I've also considered doing six separate one-time female mold sections and laying up the actual hull out of fiberglass.  The sections would then bolt together and the seams could then be joined and finished as to hide them.  I like this idea best, but the work required might exceed the practical limit of what I can do this summer.

Several members of the B9 Builder's Club started a YahooGroups club & email list last October and it's now has about 29 members.  If anyone is interested in building a SpacePod then I suggest they go to the SpacePod group and join.  The list has not been very active this winter, but now that summer is here I suspect things will pick up.

Well, here's the start of my CAD drawings, it's all I've got to show so far.

Please feel free to try and talk me out of this, lol!