Project History:  October 1999 - October 2000

I discovered the B9 Builders Club in October of 1999.  Out of curiosity I checked the membership to see if there were any builders located in South Dakota.  To my surprise B9 builder Greg Logue was constructing his Robot only a few miles away.  I sent him an email and before I knew what had hit me I had decided to build one myself.  My children were already well aquatinted with the Robot from watching him on TV and are very excited about this project.

After recovering from the initial "sticker shock" of the cost of parts, I decided to build my own fiberglass torso.  From October to January I learned about fiberglass and slowly my initial torso model took shape.  I then made a mold using this model to allow me to make a one piece torso.  In January I began making torsos for other folks and now I'm a part's supplier for the club.

In no time at all it was April, I had made several torsos and decided to get a vendor's table at the B9 Club meet in Akron, OH.  Greg and I had a great time in Ohio, we met many club members as well as Bob May.  I began the long process of buying parts from other suppliers.

One of the very first and most useful items I purchased was Dave Painters Blueprints!

In Akron I picked up the following parts:
Treadsections - Dana Covert
Brain Kit & cam, Resin Claws, Ears - Scott Sanderson
Sensors, Crown - Bill Kendzierski
Rubber Arms, Aluminum wheels, Waist Plate, Side Panels - Norman Sockwell

After Akron I got back to work.  I built a mold for making fiberglass wrists based on Scott Sanderson's resin wrists.  These are strong and lightweight and should be easier to animate.

Since spring I've acquired the following parts:
Collar - Greg Logue
Bubble - Planet Plastics
Eye Lenses - Mark Thompson
Chest Buttons, Radar Section Kit, Brain Cup - Norman Sockwell
Donut, Rubber Legs, Fiberglass Knees, Rubber Treads, Neon, Neon Backplate, Bubble Lifter - Dewey Howard
Chest Bezel, Rotating Wrist Centers, Claw Brackets - Scott Sanderson
Torso Hooks - Al Larbig
Neon Transformer, Audio Sync Unit - Tech 2000
Torso Knob, Vents - Craig Reinbrecht
Vent Screen - McMaster-Carr
Stereo Amplifier, Speakers - JCWhitney
Programming Bay Tape - Fred Barton
Power Pack, Torso Microphone - Vince Roberts

Since my plan is to automate the Robot, I've also purchased the following electronic & mechanical components:
IBM Thinkpad Laptop - Ebay
OOPic Microcontrollers - SavageInnovations
Motor Control Boards - Magnevation
Crown Motor - Hankcrafts Motors, Inc.
24vDC Gear Motors - Diverse Electronics, Inc.
Misc. Electronics - Digikey
Misc. Small Parts - Small Parts, Inc.

Design Tools I'm using:
Mechanical Drafting - DeltaCad
Schematics and PCB design - Eagle
Wave File editor - Cool Edit

Well  I've now got a big pile of parts, time to get to work!