Journal Entry:  5 December 2000

I worked on the brain lights and more on the brain cup over the weekend.  I used 12 gauge copper wire to form a frame and soldered my light sockets in place on it.  The assembly sits in the brain with no extra attachments, the three vertical lights which extend up and out of the top of the brain help keep it in place.  The two eye lights are attached with 18 gauge wire and can be positioned after the assembly is installed to ensure they are right behind the eye lenses.  I ended up with 26 bulbs in the brain, a few less than the orginal, but still very bright.  These are 6.3 volt flashers (except for the "eyes") and draw almost 10 amps at startup.  After they begin flashing the current needed drops down to an average of about 4.5 amps.  The light rods take an additional 7 lights for a total of 33 blubs inside the bubble.  I'll be able to heat my house with this guy in the winter!

Here's some pics:

Brain Cup with Light Rods, top view
Brain Cup with Light Rods, bottom view
Brain Light Assembly, separate
Brain Light Assembly, installed