Journal Entry:  29 October 2000

Worked this weekend on the donut and waist plate.  I'm doing my donut somewhat different then the standard method.  I've drilled and tapped holes to allow me to adjust the height of the lazy susan within the donut.  I plan on mounting a 1/8" aluminum plate to the top of my lazy susan and adjusting the height such that the plate is about 1/16" above the donut (to give some clearance for the torso to rotate).  The plate will support an internal structure which will house the computers, speakers, etc.  I also made a hub to attach my torso rotation motor to a 4.5" airplane hobby wheel.  The wheel will engage the plate to spin the torso.

Donut and lazy susan - Top View
Donut and lazy susan - Bottom View
Donut, waist plate and lazy susan - Bottom View
Donut, waist plate, lazy susan and top plate in position.

Torso Rotation Motor and hub.
Torso Rotation Motor and hub with wheel mounted.