Journal Entry:  7 October 2000

Today was the first real work I've done on the Robot since I made the torso last spring.

First, I cleaned up my basement workshop area and took all my parts downstairs.

Last spring I traded a torso for a set of Dana Covert's excellent treadsections.  In fact, I own serial number #002.  Dana has made a lot of enhancements since then but my set needed a minor upgrade.  I counter sunk the axle bolt holes on the inside plates and machined the bolts so that they would sit flush with the surface.  There are 16 bolts so this took awhile.

I also purchased Norman Sockwells aluminum wheels.  The holes had to be opened up to .501" to allow Dana's axle bushings to fit correctly.  I also polished them up a bit while I had them on my lathe. Boy do they shine now!

Next I trimmed Norman's side panels to fit Dana's treadsection.  I was able to cut them easily using a sharp utility knife and a straight edge.  I then sanded them to the exact shape.  After lightly sanding them overall I gave them a coat of primer.  Here's a picture of them.

I also worked on setting up this journal.  I plan to rework my entire web site when I get time.