Mini J2 Journal Entry:  17 July 2002

I did a little reminiscing today.  I dug out the photo album and scanned in some pics of the "Jupiter I" which I constructed almost 11 years ago.  Sarah and her dog "Star" had many exciting voyages.  Alas, the hull ( 1/8" fiberboard ) was eventually destroyed by long term cosmic ray exposure ( Texas sunshine ).  Here are the photos:


I did manage to pick up the large items at the local hardware store today to include 2x4's, plywood, SCH 40 PVC pipe and the "skin" material.  The stuff I'm going to use as skin is called "Glasteel".  It is a fiberglass wall liner, comes in 4'x8' sheets and is about 3/32" thick.  The wood is for the elevated floor, the pipes will make the skeletal structure and the Glasteel will be pop riveted to the pipes.  At least that's the current plan.  I'm spending a lot of time coming up with the geometry to maximize size given the shape of the skin sheets.  I'm also planning skin overlaps so that the rain will shed with minimal leaks around the seams.  I called Planet Plastics today and they sell an 18" diameter acrylic hemisphere (for the top bubble) for $68.75 in units of one.  (Yikes!  But it's a must have in my book.)

Here's the latest CAD shot:

And yes, I do plan to add an engine with flashing lights on the bottom!