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Dwight B. ( B9-0559)



Updated: 06/01/2012: Photos of the Boy Scout Boy's Life Magazine June 2012 Issue. The article is labeled "Talking Robot Scout". If you would like to see the link for this B9 please go to http://boyslife.org/video-audio/30169/talking-robot-scout/ Also, photos of B9 at my son's science fair at Montana State University 2012.



Updated: 09/02/2011: I took my B9 to the state fair. He competed against 20 other entries to include NASCAR, Wood workers, and other collections or exhibits. He took champion place (1st) in both peoples choice and judges choice.


Updated: 08/04/2011: Here are some photos of my completed B9 along with my 11 year old son + his halloween costume, 3 photos of autographs of the people who made the B9 real & the Boy Scouts who helped build the B9.



Updated: 07/15/2011: Just about done here are some photos of the treads being tapered. Hope your having a great summer .


Updated: 07/07/2011: We have have been busy building this last couple of weeks!



Updated: 06/28/2011: Treadsection!




Updated: 05/09/2011: Wheels!




Updated: 10/11/2010:


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