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Larry S . ( B9-0100 )



I did NOT use the regular belly lights, did'nt want the hassle of making a flasher card thing because flasher bulbs don't exist for those anymore.
These are just basic bulbs like on the wands but painted.


This is a Barton brain, bubble and neck. I chenged the red wand bulbs to ambers and put in static burn bulbs for the eyes. Collar is by Monroe. Homemade radar with Kendzierski (?) metal ears.

Torso stuff installed. Various makers.

PHONEY neon ala Nick Mulpagano. So it aint real, looks just as good IMO. NO Christmas light rows, florescent tubes, etc, etc. when Nick's method ROCKS!




Two fellas were helping me with my robot today. I got a good start on the belly lights later.


Detail pose shot.






Overall view upper half. I repositioned the fake neon to show the top ridge.


CU of bay plate light on ( it's to one side on mine ).


Most of chest stuff on.


Fred B's brain, etc. in action.


It talks, fake neon ala Nick Mulpagano.




As my camcorder's video cord is short and the VCR had to be near the TV, only the lower half of my robot can be shown for now. I have to get an extension for the video cord. I just finished these legs and hope they look like the 1st year SEPARATE legs. It bugs me that the door on the foot looks crooked.....maybe it IS ##$%&!!



See the two end of pvc pipe I have supporting the legs. I had NO drill press or a stack of wood cut out leg boards secured together to make all the holes. Had to make each hole separetly per board. There is some offset,the holes don't line up perfectly so the upper boards don't slip on real easy.

I screwed down the lower half of the legs ( knees and leg bottoms ) to seat the pipes into.

I painted the tubing dark grey and outside they're lighter colored than inside the house.




The necessary items needed for the robot: reciever and a too large probably CD player from a thrift store. WHY don't I see this kind of stuff near the robots in those B9 Club videos?? Don't tell me the torsos have all that and MORE inside them?!



Other important items. Did Smith ever call the robot a Clattering Cockamamie Coffee Pot or a Metal Monstrosity?


The homemade waist plate with the torso and donut mounting bolts that keep the upper robot from falling off the waist plate. Two metal tongues on the donut slide over the bolts.


Angle 1 of my somewhat different prog bay plate: light to one side, LIS logo and a CD disc ( no function for it, just thought the tape reel was way outdated especially for the robot ).
Had they known CD and DVD discs were going to happen down the road in the 60's, LIS would've likely used them.



Angle 2 of my bay plate looed sucky so here's a donut shot showing wood used to both reinforce the donut and to screw the two metal tongues to that bolt down the torso and donut. Wood is at four places around the donut.


The head section with Fred Barton bubble, brain and resin neck lifter. Dan Monroe collar. Radar homemade, spinners by Bill Kendzierski.


Fred brain close up. I switched the wand bulbs to orange bulbs. Supplied only with reds on them.



The head section with Fred Barton bubble, brain and resin neck lifter. Dan Monroe collar. Radar homemade, spinners by Bill Kendzierski.

My dummy missile bay in the soil sampler door. I keep forgetting to cover and paint the inside of the door.


This imitation, money saving B9 neon is based on Nick M's.

Dan Monroe uses a fake but his is different. I think one other guy used a fake neon. Most 9'ers use real neons it seems.

Mine looks really too transparent without much color in this image but it's not like that in reality. I have a red orange lamp paint on the back of it. I may need more red in fact to simulate B9's neon. Under the too bright studio lights, it looked orange but when the robot was in darker surroundings, it looked very orangy RED.

Later I'll have to go 35 miles to a DECENT hobby shop my area lacks to get a length of clear acryllic rod to make the two curved neon tubes at the top.



The back side showing how the vinyl tubing is secured to the plexi plate. Nick made me the plate.



This is the only way I could fix the problem of having a big opening at the head's mouth, the mouth having been removed ack when I was going to have an animated mouth talking Smith dummy like Nick Mulpagano's idea.  I'll have Dr. Smith like this with a body standing next to my robot who's holding a roll of masking tape.

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