RoboCon  2007                                     

StarFest April 20-22, 2007                                                                                 Newsletter 005

February 3, 2007



Robot and Droid Builders,


StarLand’s website  has been updated!.


Admission Tickets: You can now purchase tickets on-line. Just Mouse over the StarFest 2007 Tab and click on Tickets. The choices are from general one-day admission to 3-Day Platinum VIP.



Just Mouse over the StarFest 2007 Tab and click on “Activities”. There’s something for everyone here. (This is where the B9 RBC info will be posted.)


PARTICIPANT PASSES: As a club we are entitled 4 General Admission Passes.

For members bringing a Robot they are entitled one pass and their entire guests can purchases General Admission Tickets at a discount. That cost is $39. They can be purchased/picked up at “Will Call” by saying your with the B9 Robot Builders Club.


Vendors/Dealers:  Typically all vendors and dealers need to purchase a booth in the selling area. I have informed StarLand that our parts can only be used on the B9 so they have granted us an exception. (BillK you can display your sample parts in the Robot Room and do not have to purchase a Dealers Table in the dealer/vendor area)


Alternate Hotels near the Convention Site:  Info still to come.


Light-Rail Transportation:  The website for the light rail in Denver is   


LIS Cast Members:  On behalf of the club, I have made a request to have any (or all) of the TV Series cast members are guests at RoboCon 2007. You can read the posts here.


Club Recognition: the B9 Builders Club will be recognized on the StarFest website. I just need to get the information we want posted to StarLand and they will have it posted. All ideas will be considered but we will be limited on the size of the posting. Send me suggestions and I’ll put it all together and run it by MikeJ.


The Robot Room: We have been given a 25’X27’ room next to the model show and the guy that is running that is very excited we are coming and he is going to promote us to his group!


Panel Discussions: I’m looking for someone to volunteer to do some public speaking. Anyone who would like to conduct the panel discussions on building the Robot please let me know.


You can contact me directly at for questions and if your wives or girlfriends want to get the scoop on what they can do besides spending all three days inside the hotel at the convention, they can contact my wife, Kaye, at and she will fill them in on what’s to do in Denver besides the Robots at the convention.