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She let Xiaoqing, it is a dedicated post to send the girl, she said the girl was her best friend, when you can be sure to go to attend her wedding yo ! Embroidered mother smiled and said: That she did not let her do jordan shoes online awake ? Little Green shook his head and said: This did not make her say. Embroidered mother could not help feel strange dark heart: Xiao Nizi, had sweet to say to cheap jordan sneakers give her clothes, which look down on the child but cheap jordan sneakers craft came. Asked again : Well, Uncle where people? Xiaoqing laughed: Uncle speaking it really is far away, in sight of it, before it, and the girl on the neighborhood than the street, but now Uncle Chen has been promoted to the rites of the members outside Lang.

Komidori busy and it plays along with the jordan sneakers help bed, and poor Xiaoqing Komidori to please the doctor. Xiaoqing very remorse remorse, asking Komidori how it is, he said Komidori embroidered mother has this root cause of the child, called cheap jordan sneakers heart does not have to hang, so cheap jordan sneakers first went back to the government. Doctor of medicine is a one drink, embroidered mother of this disease has never been any good. cheap jordan sneakers Lying in bed all day in tears, sighing. Komidori looked sad, always accompanied cheap jordan sneakers tears, do not curse when Chen Yi Bushihaodai. But whenever Komidori scolded Chen Yi, will prevent cheap jordan sneakers embroidered mother, said this is cheap jordan sneakers own wishful thinking, it is not just something Chen Lang, Komidori listened, the more sad is uncomfortable.

These words reached the ears embroidered mother, she is sad to have to vomit blood. Her mind kept talking : embroidered mother ah embroidered mother jordan shoes gave her awake ah ! cheap jordan sneakers cheap jordan sneakers Awake to give her too ! She wore cheap jordan sneakers awake ah ! Since then, embroidered mother never to awake it. Although people wondered, but had to accept this reality. Even so, business is still booming in her shop, the woman who always took the most desirable to seek her cloth embroidered things. There are also individual patrons embroidered mother 's lament in private live is no good as before, patterns are not as lively spirit, but cheap jordan sneakers even think so, but still looking embroidered embroidered mother, because even regress her craft, which This world is also still no one as his.

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